pentosin leak, a new source

Mike Arman armanmik at
Mon Dec 30 12:30:31 EST 2002

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday - and now just a few more days
and we can return to normalcy (or close, hopefully).

Found a new pentosin leak for type 44s - the suction hose from the bottom
of the reservoir to to pump body. There's not much pressure in it, so it
isn't one of the "usual suspects". The hose was dried out, cracked, and
soggy/saturated with green gold. It was also petrified, and rather take the
risk of breaking the bottom spigot off the reservoir, I slit the old line
with a razor blade, and it then came off with little further resistance.

Replaced it with a new line, slipped right onto the spigot, it is as dry as
it has *ever* been under there now! (Yes, did the seal rings, too.)

And I need - a pair of 40 DCOE Webers - mostly just the cast bodies and
throttle plates/shafts. No jets, no covers, no starter enrichment stuff,
just a pair of old, junky 40DCOEs - anyone got a set laying around for a
right price?

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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