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Personally, that web page looks like a load of crap.
All he/she did was dump a bunch of email opinions onto a web page.
He/she did not even take the time to make a "decent" web page.

Plus, there is a big difference between the VW VR6 and the Audi 12 valve
V6. They are totally different beasties.

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> Subject: Throttle Butterfly valve ramp
> Some where, some time, some place out there, I no longer know where, on the
> net there have been several threads debating the pros &/or cons of monkeying
> with the butterfly ramp, i.e. a la:
> From: http://www.icelord.net/vw/upgrades/VR6_Power_Upgrades.html
> "....The US throttle body has an air ramp right in front of the throttle
> plate, restricting air flow. The upgrade (which is really the
> European TBody from VW) does not have that ramp, and they claim that
> the total package (chip + throttle + K&N filter) added 30 road Hps.
> The throttle body is rather pricey (about US$ 300), and I
> you can't take your existing tbody and mill that ramp out because there
> is not enough material in the casting.
> Another difference is that the Euro TBody has a progressive mechanism
> to open the throttle valve while the US has a direct hoockup.
> This makes the low end more controllable but also seemingly softer
> (IMHO).
> The third difference is with the potentiometer. It is also different....."
> Any one have a better line on this?  As I vaguely recall, notwithstanding
> the "Icelords" endorsement, this was otherwise not considered a "good thing"
> to do.
> Mike "still stumbling once & awhile, but it could have been the egg nog"
> Pederson

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