Should we be using lighter weight oil?

Roa, Greg Greg.Roa at Cinergy.COM
Mon Dec 30 13:25:21 EST 2002

I'm also using 15w50 Mobil 1 year round.  I had been using lighter oil in winter, but I changed my mind one day.  Had a quart of 5w30 dino in the trunk, and a quart of M1 15w50.  Was about 5 degrees F outside, and both had been in the trunk for several days.  The 5w30 poured like molasses.  The Mobil 1 flowed almost as well as it does on a 70 deg day.
That says it all for me.  I like numbers as much as the next engineer, but a 5w rating doesn't mean much to me if my engine can't pump it in the morning.

Good Luck!
Greg Roa
Cincinnati, OH
86' 4kcsq
93' 90 CS
83' 944

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>Subject: Re:Should we be using lighter weight oil?
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>I'm also running 15w50 Mobil 1 and we've had temps as
>low as 0* F. so far.  At these low temps., my gauge
>stays pegged for the first 10 minutes or so.  I KNOW
>it runs over 100 psi.  If you are using an OEM oil
>filter (Mann or Mahle) you won't have a problem.  I
>still hold 40 psi. at as low as 1200 rpm when hot.  I
>would MUCH rather have high oil pressure problems than
>low oil pressure problems.  I NEVER heard of an engine
>failing from too high of an oil pressure.  Blowing
>apart a cheap oil filter-yes.
>Jim Accordino

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