Oil around spark plug #1

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 30 17:59:49 EST 2002

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Hi all,

My 83 urQ (with the WX solid lifter head) has always a dirty-greasy
residue around the spark plug number 1.  Valve cover gasket is new and
now oil seems to _climb_ from the head gasket (yes I know it is

But this morning I saw where it is coming from. Car was not started in
more than a week.

Cold engine, cold outside temp, mineral 10w30 oil; just after start-up,
I saw (and heard) bubbling all around the metal connector for the spark
plug. I can imagine about half a teaspoon of liquid. Let engine warm,
then the brownish liquid evaporated with an oily smell.  Stopped the
engine, removed the sparkplug (was correctly tight), tip is black but
not oily or showing major internal problem.  Leave the car, restarted
the engine 4 hours later, no more bubbling.

Q1- Could it be a pinhole or a crack going all the way to the outside?
Is there an oil passage in this area or only coolant? Is it common on
these heads?

Q2- If yes, is it repairable?



1983 urQ, 100 000 km


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