ABS brakes 87 5000 turbo quattro

Jim Haseltine Jim at Ur-q.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Dec 30 23:39:41 EST 2002

I broke an alt belt on my Ur-q a few years ago - just about every warning
light (including the ABS) lit up.
Your problem sounds like a sensor adjustment problem - maybe one of the CV
joints has got dirty teeth?


Jim Haseltine

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Subject: ABS brakes 87 5000 turbo quattro

> The ABS light came on some months ago when I broke an alternator belt. No
> direct relationship to my knowledge.  Had it checked out and an ABS
> fuse was replaced, so now the light goes out when I push the ABS button,
> it will come back on again in about 5-10 seconds.  Any words of wisdom,
> guide to good aftermarket source for ABS sensor if case that is the cause.
> I really miss the ABS since I had to make a couple of panic stops recently
> and the ABS does make a difference.
> George Kotjarapoglus
> gkot at adelphia.net

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