SOLVED - RE: How to change seat belts on '87 5000?

Iouri Simernitski pefferie at
Mon Dec 30 15:53:54 EST 2002

Thanks to those who sent me e-mail with advice.

I practiced in a wreckyard and here's the procedure.

On a donor car:

1. Check that the seatbelt works.
2. Block the seatbelt in a more or less extended position so that it does
not roll up completely - it may become difficult to extend again. I don't
know why, but that happened to me (maybe I had neglected step 1 above :-)
5.Remove plastic covers and uscrew the height adjustment bolt (may be a nut
on some cars), the floor bolt and a small screw where the belt enters the
center post trim.
4. Remove the center post trimming. To remove the center post trimming only
the window rubber trim has to be removed - gently pry it off with a
screwdriver on both sides of the center post. Althougn the center post trim
is also held by the floor and ceiling trims, those do not have to be
removed; gently tilting the center post trim would do the trick.
5. Unscrew the bolt holding the belt tensioner in place.

Refitting (on the recipient car) is the reverse of removal.

Notice that some wreckyards do not sell seat belts, keep looking for those
that do.


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