Should we be using lighter weight oil?

Dave K. desmo888 at
Mon Dec 30 20:28:08 EST 2002

What I can't understand is why a synthetic oil of the same viscosity flows
more easily than a dino oil of the same viscosity at any given temperature.
Viscosity IS flow, so what gives?

Dave K.
'90 CQ

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> > That says it all for me.  I like numbers as much as the next engineer,
> > a 5w rating doesn't mean much to me if my engine can't pump it in the
> Aren't you comparing Apples (regular oil) and Oranges (synthetic)? Now
> try comparing the flow of 0W40 and 15W50 at the same temperature. In my
> experience any oil, including the 10W50 synthetic that I use, is pretty
> thin at operating temperatures. I think you want that flowability when
> you first start the car at 5 deg F.
> Cheers
> George

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