A bit more help please on seat heaters after Archive search

David Mueller muellerdg at 3web.net
Wed Dec 4 21:32:41 EST 2002

After searching archives and Huw Powell site, I was able to get my driver
seat out and a couple of wires fixed.  Fixed a broken wire in back and
broken wires in going into sensor. Both ground and power wire plus the fine
blue wires to sensor itself were broken.  After a lot of work, I now get
continuity in all systems.  Hooking them up today, I got power through the
seat heater itself, but I could not get a reading from the wires going to
and through the sensor.  Is that normal, or could my relay be letting power
through to main system but not to the heat sensor itself?  I got 14 volts at
Black and yellow wire to main seat heater from relay side, but nothing at
the black and white ( grey ) wire to heat sensor.  The is good ground to all
wire connections.  So maybe I am OK?  I  am a bit confused as to how the
sensor system operates.  I thought I should get some voltage through the
sensor system unitil the seat warmed up to desired setting on dash switch?

Thank you.
David G. Mueller

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