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Tue Dec 31 01:05:56 EST 2002

   I've been spending too much time over at www.bobistheoilguy.com and given
what they talk about there I think your numbers look pretty good.  Iron (10
ppm) and Chromium (1 ppm) are really low, those are wear metals.  High
silicon (which you don't have) is often held to be an indicator of poor air
filtration but can also be in the base oil.  This sample has no Molybdenum,
an anti-wear/anti-friction/extreme pressure additive in most flavors of the
newer M1 (the SuperSyn variety) so this must still be Tri-Syn, no?  The
other high numbers are typical oil additive constituents.

   The other things which are generally discussed are the inclusion of fuel
and/or water (think yours are ok, hard to tell without formatting), the
viscosity, Nitration, oxidation (dunno about those three, helps to know how
a virgin sample reads), and TBN.  That one seems low-  Total Base Number is
a measure of the oil's ability to continue to neutralize acid, and is
generally compared to the virgin oil starting point.

  Some pretty smart people on that board, some industry people too.
Interesting reading.  They're friendly too, give it a read sometime.


>From: Christopher Gharibo <cgharibo at usa.net>
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>Subject: Oil Analysis Report
>Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 18:12:34 -0500
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>I got the Mobil 1 15W50 in my '91 Audi Coupe analyzed at 7500 miles. the
>has 97500 miles.
>For those interested, the attached data is I got: Everything seems to be
>but, how do you interpret this data?
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>Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 08:06:43 -0600
>From: Test_Results at ctclink.com
>Subject: Web Oil Analysis Report
>To: cgharibo at usa.net
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>	Please find your report attached.
>[ Converted text/html to text/plain ]
>http://amsoil.ctclink.com/styles//body.css" type="text/css"> Company:
>231B 11TH ST
>PALISADES PARK NJ 07650 Comp. Descr.: ENGINEFuel Type: Gasoline2206 WINTER
>FAX (715)392-3097Make: Oil Brand: MOBILModel: Oil Type: Customer No:
>Make: Fluid Grade: 20W50Unit No: CHRISEquip. Model: End User: End Loc:
>Lab NoCondition
>Date Taken Tested
>Time on Oil Time on Unit
>339344 Normal
>09-DEC-02  21-DEC-02
>7500  97500   10 1 5 9 0 4 0 0 1 42 8 1285 804 0 1098 1201 2 0 0 0
>Lab No
>  339344
>  Physical Properties FuelVisc40Visc100WaterSoot/
>  N/A
>   17.90
>  0
>  N/A
>  NEG
>   Additional Tests CHANGE
>   NITR
>   OXID
>   TBN
>   YES
>  21.0
>  17.0
>  7.93
>Analysis Recommendations339344RESULTS OF TEST PERFORMED INDICATE NO

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