Throttle Butterfly wedge removal.... BTDT

Stpndsmnn at Stpndsmnn at
Tue Dec 31 03:20:30 EST 2002

I removed the wedge from the TB butterfly on my KH TB.  I could see no reason
for it to be there so I pulled it off and welded up the holes.  I also ported
and smoothed the inlet and outlet the the TB as well as smoothing the leading
edge of the TB.

I have noticed no Jerky-ness in throttle application but I am running an
extra return spring so that may help.  Also I have a fairly light flywheel
and FWD so the transition from idle to spinning tires happens really quickly
if I am not very smooth when starting from a stop..

I guess I didn't know why you weren't supposed to take that wedge out, but It
hasn't bothered me at all...

Just my Experience
Matt Kramer
'83 CGTt

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