Intermittant PS and a Thanks in general

Mark Woodland markwoodland at
Tue Dec 31 11:01:41 EST 2002

  >From: "Eric Schoeffler" <skadaddy at>
>I still only have intermittant power steering.
>Within the last year I replaced both the pump and pressure >accumulator.
>Most of the time it doesn't work, but when it does, I'm >getting full
>assist.  What does this mean?

Sounds like air in the system, either through insufficient bleeding,
(cycle the steering lock-to-lock under power.. repeatedly), or you are
sucking air on the intake side, through a loose connection,
overtightened/cracked banjo bolt, non-flat crush washer, scored washer seat,
When it happened to me, I had not tightened the suction banjo bolt enough..
no visible leak, and power assist came and went without warning.
Happy hunting,
and a happy prosperous year to all.
If I haven't mentioned it lately, Thanks to all of you who have helped
directly or indirectly with the ongoing quest to keep the TQs running.
Mark Woodland

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