Problem with Coolant and Fuel gauges

Jon Hohlfeld jonhohlf at
Tue Dec 31 08:29:37 EST 2002

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I am having a problem with my fuel and temp gauges in my 94 90 Quattro. I a=
m not sure if they are related or not, I am thinking not.

The fuel gauge is fluctuating by over 1/4 tank. It does this no matter how =
full the tank actully is. You can be driving along and the gauge will read =
about 3/4 and then you look less than a 1/4 mile later it is below half. Th=
en next time you look it is above 3/4 again, if you watch it you can see it=
 move. Was wondering if anyone has had experience with this.

The temp gauge I am thinking is the sender, but I am not sure with the fuel=
 gauge problem. The temp gauge has never seemed to read normal since I boug=
ht the car (I have only put 2000 mile on it since I bought it), but recient=
ly I have noticed that it will start to come up as the car is just starting=
 to warm up, then all of a sudden it will drop all the way back to cold and=
 stay there for the rest of the trip. Before it started doing this it was j=
ust reading low, but was always working.

The problem that I am having with the fuel gauge and the problem with the t=
emp gauge dropping down to cold seemed to have started at about the same ti=

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

jonhohlf at

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