All-season tires for 5kcstq

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Tue Dec 31 13:17:19 EST 2002

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A sidewall blister or bubble can also be the result of an impact with some
object on the sidewall; such as a curb or any debris on the road.  It man
not manifest itself right away.  Sometimes after
a sidewall inspection; one can see a scuff mark in the area of the bubble.
The sidewall is not designed for impact; at least at a side deflection.
Kind of difficult to tell if it was a manufacturing defect; or from some
mishap.  Those tires were there has been a trend in getting sidewall bubbles
 one starts giving the benifit of the doubt there.
Greg Galinsky

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From: B Vibert
Date: Tuesday, December 31, 2002 03:37:01 PM
To: Wallace White
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Subject: Re: All-season tires for 5kcstq

A bubble in the sidewall is usually a sign of an open ply splice, ply
has fabric in it to prevent stretching but the sidewall rubber doesn't
so it bulges if the ply isn't in that spot. This is very dangerous
and could blow at any time. Since it's a manufacturing defect I would
suspect Dunlop would have replaced it for free if you complained
loudly enough, especially with all the Firestone fiasco happening so
I don't know much about the sp5000, sorry.

Burl Vibert
1987 5kcstq
Kingston, Ontario

Wallace White wrote:
> It's about time to replace the Dunlop SP4000's on my 5kcstq. I've been
> happy with them overall. They've done almost 50k miles and have a bit
> left. Handling and traction have been good, noise fine.
> My only complaint was that one of them developed a large blister in the
> sidewall and had to be replaced at my cost; I've since heard that many
> new Audis had blistered Dunlops, which Audi covered. This makes me a
> little hesitant about getting more Dunlops.
> So, how's the SP5000? This would be the symmetrical version, at
> 205/60-15. I'd appreciate advice on it or other tires that might fit the
> bill:
> - H- or V-rated all season
> - decent snow performance (I drive to Tahoe a few times a year)
> - good tread life
> - low noise
> It sounds like the BFGoodrich Comp T/A is another popular choice. It's a
> few bucks cheaper but is H-rated (the SP5k is V).
> Thanks,
> Wallace
> '87 5kcstq 195k
> Menlo Park, CA
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