Steering Wheel Knock Sound

james accordino ssgacc at
Tue Dec 31 14:03:06 EST 2002

No only the mount.  This is a steel plate bolted to
the strut tower with 3 nuts.  The top of the strut rod
passes through the center metal bushing with a large
washer and nut on top.  This can be replaced without
either replacing/removing the strut or trashing your
alignment.  Carefully mark its position before
removing.  Although, if it's really hosed, you
probably need an alignment anyway, because it's surely
out of spec.  "Leaning in."  The struts, if original
are now hosed as well.  BUT... often times you get the
$69. brake job deal.  Like they just jam the pistons
back and put on pads.  Same deal here.  They may have
replaced your struts (cartridges) without doing ANY
hardware or "soft" parts.  VERY common.  On the wheel
bolts, I never used to care, now I check them all the
time with the torque wrench when I get home.  Too
loose, too tight.  Usually pretty good though, cause
they use the "torque stick."  Some sh*t they stick on
the end of the air gun.  As long as they pick the
right one off the chart, the #'s are usually right

Jim Accordino

--- "Bhatti, Mohammed" <Mohammed.Bhatti at>
> Jim,
> That I didn't check.  Ok, assuming that I have a
> problem here, do I need to
> replace the struts?
> Loose wheel bolts i.e. I didn't need monkey lad
> brute force strength to
> loosen the wheel bolts.  They came loose fairly
> easily, more so than I had
> expected especially after having taken the car to
> the local tire shop to
> have the tires balanced.
> And now that I think about it some more, the
> steering wheel knock sound was
> more of a clunk.
> Anyway, thanks for the advice.  I'll be looking into
> this some more.
> mohammed
> 88 80q
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> wrote:
> > only thing that I noticed was that the wheel bolts
> > were a tad loose.
> Loose wheel bolts?  Yikes!
> > I
> > re-tightened the strut housing bolts and checked
> all
> > the other bolts.
> > Re-mounted wheels and re-tightened.
> I'm pretty sure he was talking about tears in the
> rubber of the strut mount which will allow metal to
> metal contact.  Usually the steel bushing to the
> cutout.  Turn it to lock and look carefully at the
> rubber of the mount under the little plastic cover.
> (If they're still there.)
> Jim Accordino

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