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Tue Dec 31 17:33:42 EST 2002

<iain.atkinson at> wrote:
>my laptop is playing up, it's a samsung vm7000 series and the screen res has gone all screwy.
I can't change it all and the colours on the screen are now all weird, i have tried de fragging the
hardrive and running scandisc but no joy, any ideas anyone????

Defragging won't do anything for your screen; it only makes it
easier/faster for the operating system to find all the bits of a file.
Ditto Scandisk, which justs makes sure all the sectors of a disk
are healthy.

I don't know much about Samsung's, but for laptops in general,
if the screen goes bad, you're hosed.

Try attaching a CRT (external) monitor and see if the laptop
drives that OK.  If so, you're screen is dead.  If not, there
may be a problem with the video driver (which defragging
and scandisk won't correct).  You could try booting from
the Windows (assuming it's Windows) CD, if you have it.
Don't re-install Windows; just let it boot and see if the boot
CD drivers give you a clear image.

If the screen is hosed, you might try eBay to find a similar
laptop with a broken keyboard/disk but with a good screen.
Then just put the good pieces together.

Kent, not a hardware guy, but I play one on the Internet
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"

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