What I did over Christmas

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Tue Dec 31 18:23:02 EST 2002

Hi Y'all,

The better half and I drove to DC Christmas morning.  Left in a light rain
with a few flakes of snow.  These conditions lasted about half of the 330
mile trip.  Then the Sh..., uh, stuff hit the fan.  Driving conditions
deteriorated in a major way.   Two tire tracks defined the right hand lane
of I-81 and I-66.  The left hand lane was anywhere from 1 inch to 4 inches
of slush.  Of course, traffic was putting along at about 25-30 mph in the
two tracks.  Although it required intense concentration I was cruising at
about 60 most of the way.  Ain't quattros wonderful!  I think I prefer
driving in slush to driving on glare ice but only by a small margin.

We passed at least 13 cars/trucks/jeeps distributed on various shoulders,
several of them were not with their shiny sides up.  It was something of a

During this drive I figured something out.  It appears that many if not
most drivers are instant hazards.  Just add water in any form.

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