Zsolt's accident

David Mueller muellerdg at 3web.net
Mon Dec 16 10:57:36 EST 2002

Sorry to hear of your accident.  Hope you and your girlfriend can heal..
Anything is repairable I suppose within some reason.  Just takes money;
which the guy who hit you should come up with.  Did he have insurance too?
You may have to buy the car back or take a cash settlement from your
insurance company if you want to keep the car.  A good used quarter panel
could work Zsolt.  The galvanization on you car may be ruined in the
accident or repair.  Then it would rust. The weld is not the biggest problem
therefore.  The SAIT body people in Calgary and most repair good repair
shops use good used parts because the factory undercoating and finish is
better than many new parts assuming not having been in an accident too.
John Cattle could give you good advice here too.


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