Condensation inside oil filler cap

ricematthews ricematthews at
Fri Feb 1 07:09:59 EST 2002

Condensation is not uncommon inside the filler cap on some cars, especially
in cold weather when the car is cold.  This usually burns off when the car
warms up.
What does the oil look like?  Check the oil when it is warm - if it has a
milky look, I would be concerned.  Other indicators of a blown head gasket -
oil in coolant and air bubbles (or "exhaust" bubbles) in coolant.
Grinding noises are never good, but I would be most concerned if the noise
occurred on startup as coolant in the oil can wreck havok on the bearings.

Hello group.
For some time I have been noticing condensation (little droplets of water)
on the inside
of the oil filler cap of my 5-cyl Eurovan.  Coolant level has been
dropping very very slowly over the past few months, I had to add no more
than 1/4 litre.
About ten months ago the timing belt and water pump were
changed by the dealer.  Immediately I noticed that when the engine was
warming up, about
just as the temp nedle starts moving up, a grinding noise
appeared and then went away, more pronounced when it was cold outside.
Could there be any
link between the two?
Any suggestions where to look first?  Coolant leaking into the oil does not
look like a
good proposition. TIA.

'88 90Q
'93 Eurovan


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