Brake lines

Robert Myers robert at
Fri Feb 1 09:58:14 EST 2002

Hi Y'all,

I had my '95 S6 up on the rack yesterday and noticed that the outer rubber
cover of one of the rear brake lines is cracked where it attaches to the
caliper.  This looks to me like the brake line should be replaced at the
earliest convenient opportunity.  There is no sign of leaking brake fluid
nor is there any sign of "swelling" of the line so I don't think it
qualifies as an "emergency - don't drive the car until it's fixed"
situation but...

Anyway, I've been searching my Bentley and can find nothing on R&Ring the
brake lines.  There is plenty on pads and rotors and calipers and ABS
systems but nothing (that I can find anyway) on brake lines.  Are there any
BTDTs out there or words of wisdom and/or advice and/or other helpful
information?  It looks like only a short section of line, perhaps 6-8
inches or less, at each wheel might be all that needs to be replaced.

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