What the h*** is this???

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Fri Feb 1 15:20:41 EST 2002

> There was a guy here in town (Daytona) who had a VW bus shortened like
> this. It basically was a windshield, the front doors, and the back of the
> bus - looked like a phone booth on wheels. He had a pair of drag-racer
> style struts with little wheels (wheelie bars) on the back so it wouldn't
> tip over on acceleration. I saw it from time to time, for about a year.
> He wrecked it one fine day by making an emergency stop and having it flop
> forward onto the windshield  - and slid face-down, top-first into whatever
> it was he was trying not to hit.
> This cured him of building tall skinny vehicles. He wasn't particularly
> hurt, but he did realize the error of his ways.

sad, if he'd planned better he'd have put wheelie bars on the front,
too, and he'd still be driving it to this day!

Huw Powell



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