1987 5000CD Avant Quattro

Dave Marshall autolit at bmts.com
Fri Feb 1 15:24:18 EST 2002

Hi All

A week or so ago I asked the list for any thoughts on what is my newest

I have a noise very similiar to a wheel bearing noise.  Happens only when
the vehicle is in motion.  Sitting still and changing the rpm of the engine
does not produce the noise.  The bearings on all four corners had been
replaced lately so I didn't figure it would be one of them.

What I had done was put the car up on blocks and run it through 1st - 3rd
gears listening for this 'noise'.  Nothing at all.  So I get things
happening in 2nd gear and walk around the car.  Nothing.  Put it back on the
ground (produce load) and there is this noise again.

Well, I was very thankful to get many suggestions.  Most wanted me to post
the 'results' when I found the problem.

I had a friend help me.  In my garage, I got under the car and he pushed it
forward and reverse.  No problem at all diagnosing the 'noise maker'.  It is
the center hanger bearing of the driveshaft.  Makes some noise when turning
slowly under load.

Now the question is, what am I looking at here?  Replacing the whole
driveshaft?  I pumped a little 10w30 oil all over the bearing housing and
the noise is gone 'for now'.

Any suggestions.

Thanks guys ( and girls).

Dave Marshall
Ontario, Canada

p.s. - We are getting the storm that most likely many of you have also had.
Nice to know that snow accumulation means nothing to us isn't it?  QUATTRO

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