89 200q mc-2 FS

Ian Gall bh10422 at binghamton.edu
Fri Feb 1 21:11:20 EST 2002

I'd just like to post it to the list as well, altho it has been on the
marketplace with a very good price, yet I wonder how many people actually
look at the marketplace. I'm going to post it here before I figure out if I
want to try and put her on ebay. The car is located in Pleasantville NY
10590, item number is #982.

While I can sit with her for a while, I'd like to get her moving, as we all
know how Audi's don't like to sit for long periods.

Ian Gall
Binghamton NY
91 200q20v 71k
89 200q (FS) ~115k
Binghamton, NY

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