Dead headlight switches

Tom Nas tnas at
Sat Feb 2 11:06:28 EST 2002

Hi all,

The second headlight switch (column stalk type) in my type 89 80 just died.
The previous switch had no high beam, this one has no low beam. I know for
a fact that the previous owner of my car used to run high-wattage bulbs,
which explains the dead switch. I however run regular 60/55s and still
manage to burn out the switch...

How prone are the 'rounded' post-1990 column switches to failure? I've
owned several cars with the earlier, square type and never had one die on
me. I wish I could just replace it with the earlier type (which I actually
have lying around as a spare) but that would entail installing new
connectors and rewiring the lot, as my '87's wiring has been changed to
accept the later switch.

Also, what's the typical failure mode? Wiring seems fine, connector OK and
though I haven't taken this switch apart I couldn't find anything visibly
wrong with it.

TIA for your comments!

Regards, Tom
'87 80

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