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    Seriously guys, if you wanna know anything about anything diecast, this
is the search to check.  I haven't had time to look up everything, and I'm
sure everyone else is capable of using this search, but it's all about
models and stuff.  I'm sending the search link, because there's way to much
good stuff for me to file through and post links too.


    There's EWA cars, a Canadian collectors guild, an Ebay link to items on
auction, Scale 18 is on there as well as another 1:18 specialist, and alot
more.  If you love models as much as I do, this will waste alot of your
time.  So far my collection consists of mostly Bburago collected over the
last 12 years.


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What scale are the small Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars? I know they're much
bigger than 1:87 (HO), but I don't know the actual scale.

Anyway, I bought one (TT Coupe) for my son in the Matchbox series. It's not
silver - it's blue - but it does not have the spoiler.

The matching TT convertible (also blue) DOES have the spoiler. Andrew (age
3) has both! A real car nut, that one! Every time we go to the hobby store
for parts for the older one's R/C, Andrew goes to the matchbox section, and
brings back some car he MUST have, and NAMES IT BY MAKE! (3!) The last one
he brought was " I want this Mercedes Convertible!". And of course he
absolutely MUST join me and Alex (age 9½) every weekend at the R/C race

Expect to see Andrew on the list someday in the very distant future.

Michael Riebs
Grand Rapids, MI
'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA

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> I'm looking for a 1:18 scale metal model Audi TT coupe in silver without
> spoiler. Know where I can get one?
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