Pinch me

scott miller macatawa at
Sat Feb 2 19:32:55 EST 2002

After driving many newish quattros and competitors, I was unimpressed.  I
settled on my other favorite vehicle: a Land Cruiser at a fantastic price.
I love it, but I dreaded selling my beloved pampered pearl quattro.  Today
my 15.9-year-old daughter told Mom she'd like to have the q.  I've been
trying to get her to do that all week, I guess the subliminal tapes worked!
A friend was almost to my driveway with money in hand when I called him to
cancel the sale.  I can't believe I'll have two of my favorite cars in my
drive.  I can't wait to get home Monday and start teaching her to drive a
stick.  Better finish putting in the new brake cables.

Scott Miller
'90 200qa
'97 Land Cruiser
'00 Sienna

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