Frozen doors

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sat Feb 2 16:05:01 EST 2002

Sean, the lubricant in the latch in the back of the doorjamb (the thing on
the door that grabs the peg to hold the door closed) probably is getting
stiff with age/cold.  I lube the latch assembly a couple times a year with
a spray lubricant that includes some teflon.  I've kept even some Team
Doorhandle products from the mid-80's functioning reliably by spraying
inside the handles, behind the levers, etc., as well as the latching mechanism.

At 07:14 AM 02/02/2002 -0800, Sean Ford wrote:

>Over the past month or so, my rear passenger side door has been
>unwilling to open if icy conditions exist. I generally reach around
>through the front door and open it, then everything's fine. Ok, I can
>live with that.
>This morning, we've got ice conditions (rain last night, sudden drop in
>temp overnight). My driver's door will not open, what a PITA. I reach
>over from the passenger side and open it. The interior handle didn't
>automatically retract; I push back in place. Ok, now the door won't
>latch! Damn, my wife's CRV to the rescue.
>After an hour or so, I retest the door, it still won't latch. I fiddle
>with both interior and exterior handles, slam it a few times... voila!
>The door will now latch.
>This little experiment leads me to believe that the latching mechanism
>is becoming frozen. Since this has never happened in the 5 years I've
>owned the car, I have to assume that water is now getting into places
>where it shouldn't.
>Has anyone had this situation and also had it remedied? Is this a
>simple coating issue, whereby I could spray a little graphite or deicer
>Thank God this happened on a Saturday. If it had been a weekday I
>would've been forced to drive with an unlatched driver's door. :(
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