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>What scale are the small Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars? I know they're much
>bigger than 1:87 (HO), but I don't know the actual scale.

Traditional Matchbox cars are 1:5x. Depends on who you talk to as to 1:54,
1:56 or 1:58.  The MB25 Ur quattro is 75mm long, approx 1/58th of the real

Quoted scales should be taken with a very big pinch of salt, you have to pay
a shocking amount to get even a part-way accurate scale model, remember that
at 'Matchbox' size a single millimetre is equivalent to 2.25 inches.

Even the manufacturers get mixed up sometimes, Bburago #0159 and #9159 are
both Ur quattros (listed as Audi quattro gt) using the same dies and plastic
parts. #0159 is boxed as 1/24, #9159 is boxed as 1/25. At approx 172mm long
they are slightly smaller than 1:25.

We've all heard at least one version of the joke about 5 people in a quattro
is one too many - well here's part of the 1:24 series from a list produced
by Polistil, an Italian toy & model company.

#03110 - Giulietta Rally
#03111 - Nissan Datsun
#03112 - Audi 4
#03113 - Porsche 924

Not difficult to work out the origin of the joke is it?


Jim Haseltine

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