part elimination 5k

wlockwoo at wlockwoo at
Sun Feb 3 12:06:36 EST 2002

Does anybody know what parts of systems on a 5ktq can be removed to make less
work and maintenance, etc?  This question is poorly worded, so I will give some

For instance, on Javad's Audi 80tq site he mentions not using the vacuum pump
for the brakes.  Well on a 5k we have a brake "bomb" right?  Well is there a
way not to have a brake "bomb"?

Also can we have a non power assist rack?

I think what i am getting at is having fewer systems to break and fewer lines
to blow in my aging audi.

Oh and by the way, I still cannot believe the strength possessed by these
cars.  I SLAMMED the rear of the 5k into a snowbank in 3rd the other night.  I
just assumed that the quarter panel was balled up, but upon inspection, the
bumper cover just had to be kicked back on.



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