Engine died on highway - won't re-start

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sun Feb 3 21:36:31 EST 2002

At 4:21 PM -0400 2/1/02, george mills wrote:
>  >You can also
>>have someone listen for the fuel pump itself as you try to start the
>>car; above 25rpm, the type 44's run the fuel pump(80/90's run it for
>>a second when you turn the key to "on".)
>My 87 44q 2.3l NA engine runs the fuel pump every time the key is
>switched on.

Only for a second or two, I hope, at most.  If not, the fuel pump
relay is not operating correctly; it should never run continuously
with the engine stopped, on any Audi.

>  It will start on one crank with a starter that can bearly
>overcome compression let alone 25rpm (I fixed that of course :)

25rpm is about 1 revolution every 2 seconds.  That is -very- slow.

My car, this morning, barely managed somewhere around 60.  -5 degree
weather, 10w30 oil, crappy battery.  Caught on the second turn of the
crank, however, which is pretty impressive.  It does, to a much
lesser degree, share the trait of my old 5000 which would start
quicker the colder it was outside.

I think you're onto something about NA versus turbo cars.  The 80's
and 90s are obviously all NA cars, but I've seen so few NA 5000's I
probably never noticed.  I wonder if there's any particular reason
why the two are set up differently..

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