re. Aargh - rad fan meltdown.

Ben Swann bswann at
Sun Feb 3 22:28:00 EST 2002

AudiNauts, advice to all and myself - install that fuse inline fan ground

I've heard this happen countless times - result usually requires harness
replacement, which is no small task.  My educated guess is the harness from
an '87 will backfit/supercede the '86 - just some work to remove from one
and re-install in the other.  Otherwise plan on continually chasing
electrical gremlins.

This can happen on the non-turbo type44 as well - I had the fan bearings
seize up on an '88 5000 non-turbo/non-quattro with 2.3l.  I fortunately
caught it as it was happening and was quick to disconnect the fan-wiring.
 The wires were heating up quickly - I was lucky, especially since it was
just before learning about the problem through the list archives.

Fuse those fans and keep more of these cars in circulation!


[First off, apologies - posting first, searching archives

Question - what typically goes down with the radiator fan
on an 86 5kcsq?

Friend was driving my 5k tonight, called me, "I think the car
is overheating."  OK, turn heat on.  "It just died."

OK.  Walked to the car - rad fan is locked, car filled with
smoke, wires to fan are melted, nothing electrical seems to

What gets melted with it?  Going to search archives in a few,
kinda not terribly patient right now:).  Have an 87
to steal parts from - huge compatibility issues?


:From: "rob hod" <rob3 at>
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Subject: Re: Aargh - rad fan meltdown
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 19:06:15 -0000

    This appears to be a new area of concern to me then;

    Could I just check what's being discussed here, - Rad fans burn out in
some way which results in the overload and meltdown of the circuit which
supplies them, and that circuit is unfused?

    Which cars does this affect? , should I worry about my 87 CGT and 88
type 44 ?


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