Iain Mannix mannix at
Mon Feb 4 10:29:17 EST 2002

OK, we've decided how to proceed - take the Good Stuff off the 86
sedan, put it into the 87 wagon.  Thanks for the input!  I got a
couple of votes for the 4k, but that is a stop-gap solution; my
first Audi was a 4k, and while I liked it, the turbo is just
far more enjoyable.

Question - can I take my brand new windshield out of my 86 and
put it in the 87?  I've replaced a couple of Rabbit windshields,
not sure how feasable it is on the Audi.

We're going to take the FI and engine out of the 86, put it
into the 87, as well as miscellaneous other stuff - who knows
what at this point, but whatever we see that might make sense.
The 86s front subframe(and maybe rear) is going, too.  It'll
be a big job, but I do like wagons better than sedans, and
the wagon, while rough in spots, is largely OK.

Not a job I was planning on, but oh well.

Thanks again!


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