Flashing warning light (overheating?) - 85 4ksq

Bob H. rjh_tsi at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 09:30:04 EST 2002

One of the warning lights on the dash is flashing at me intermittently.
It generally happens when I first start driving the car, until it begins
to warm up.  The owner's manual claims that it's telling me the car is
overheating ... however the temperature gauge (which appears to be working
normally) hasn't even begun to move from well below "C".


By the way, the warning lights on my '85 4ksq dash don't exactly match
with the illustrations in my owner's manual.  Specifically, there is a
green light marked the same as the red "overheat" light that is
specifically documented in my owner's manual as "free" (no warning light
in this position).  Is this to be expected?


-Bob Hodgeman
 '85 4ksq beater

Bob Hodgeman
97 Talon TSi AWD
WOR SoloII #75 SM

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