ignition/ poor running problems

Aaron Ryba aaronryba at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 13:14:39 EST 2002

The problem my 4kcsq is having sounds similar however
there is no smoke in my condition.
There is a distinct smell which is reminiscent of
epoxy glue. I am not sure if that is a similar smell
to an over-rich exhaust though.

There does not exist the typical "backfire" pop sound
from the exhaust, but a quick thump or two comming
from the intake upon attempting to rev the engine.

Turning the car off and then on again has stopped the
symptoms sometimes, but sometims the car starts up
running like crap too.

I am wondering if Paul's condition is a separate case.

What about the knock sensor, is the light on or
flashing when this happens?
Diagnostic codes in Bently?
20v has CIS-E-III right?


--- Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:
> Paul Royal was having similar trouble with his
> 90q20v at the winter
> driving school this weekend.
> He accidentally tried to start it in gear, and from
> then on, it wouldn't start.
> They cleaned the plugs(which were totally fouled) up
> with
> alcohol+toothbrush, put them back in, it ran better
> for a minute or
> two and then started backfiring etc again.
> He'd had similar problems several years ago at the
> last WDS, and
> simply turning the car off+back on fixed it.  The
> same happened
> yesterday, and he drove the 30 min to Tim's school
> with no problems,
> did a timed lap around the course, and shortly
> thereafter, it started
> acting up again.  Backfiring, blowing black
> smoke...exhaust smelled
> super rich.  Stopped it, started it up again, no
> rich running.  Odd.
> I just forwarded him a copy of the below, but Javad,
> do you think
> similar symptoms would occur on a 90q20v?
> B

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