More Audi's on TV

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Feb 4 21:38:09 EST 2002

>  >     Pre 80's 5000?  Was that sold in North America?   I was guessing it was
>>  the 4000 because of...
>it is a 1980-83 5000 turbo.  the 5 lug wheels give it away, also the 5k
>(type 43), once you know what to look for, is subtly different than the
>early 4k in trim, etc.

I could barely -tell- it was an Audi.  You saw 5 lugs? :-)

I do agree that it looks much more like an early 5000, but I was
going off the shape of the back end...the 4000 never looked even
remotely like that.

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