List Sightings

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Mon Feb 4 21:58:39 EST 2002

Hello Lister's

Had an interesting day yesterday (2/3) w/rt spotting Audis

1. UrA6, Pearl, Old NY plates, Northbound NY Rt 9D about 11 AM from the
Bear Mtn Bridge, first of this series 	of Audi that I've ever gotten to
play with. Not ridiculously fast, but it was fun. I was in the Pearl
	200Q behind you (and I KNOW you noticed), Lister?

2 Pearl 200Q 10V, V8 tail lights, Euros and Fuchs (pearl), woman driving
northbound NY Rt 9 from Fishkill to 	Wappingers Falls. Heavy traffic, so
didn't expect to play. I turned off on Old New Hackensack Rd in 	WF, you
continued north on Rt. 9. Again, Pearl 200Q 10V, with UrQ Ronals and
snowies. Lister?


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