the soundgate saga, semi-over

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Feb 4 22:11:06 EST 2002

Adventures in I-Just-Want-To-Play-Some-#$@%!-CDs-Land, part IV: The Revenge.

Turns out that the rear driver's side speaker is shot.  No prob, I
think.  I'll just pop that bad boy open, replace the caps, and I'll
be set!


I pull the potting compound off the board(there's a ton of it on this
particular board), replace all the capacitors, and put everything
back together and in the car.

Turn on the radio, listen for about 10 minutes...problem starts happening.

So this time, I turn the volume almost all the way down and endure
the various odd noises, which curiously quiet down after a few
seconds.  Hmm.  I then go around to each speaker and listen carefully
to what it is doing.

The driver's side rear unit is cutting in and out and then starts
making bop! bop! bop! bop! noises.  Shoot.

So, at this point, I'm stuck; I have no idea what's wrong with the
rear unit, since I replaced all the electrolytic capacitors, just
like I did on the front units, and they seem to be just fine.


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