[urq] camshaft seal mysteries

Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Tue Feb 5 10:13:36 EST 2002

> replacing the cam seal on the 'rr', looking for part # 026 103 085f.
i get
> specified part number 068 103 085a.  on investigation this turns out
to be
> the cam seal on the 'aby', 'aan', and '3b', while the 'rr', and
> (interestingly) the 'adu' specify the 026 part.
> what's the difference?

The ADU was developed from the WR.  It may have been developed and
shelved for a while.

Most of the development at that time was in aid of lowering emissions.
Audi give it as the sole reason for developing the RR/3B series.

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