More Audi's on TV, now Audi headrest history....

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My 1981 4000 5+5 had solid head rests...

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As this trip down memory lane continues, the Typ 43 5000S had solid
headrests, the open style headrests were introduced with the Typ 43 5000T,
also used on the 5000TD which was identical in appearance to the 5000T.  We
had a 5000TD in 1982 and I though it was cool that it had the appearance of
the 5000T....until you had to start it up.  It also had a funny auto trans
with an green D in addition to the regular D, which provided a freewheeling
feature when coasting.

The history of the 4000 series headrests is not quite as clear to me, I'm
not sure if and when the solid separate rear hedrest were used...I know they
were around, but maybe only in Europe on the 80/90 series cars.

Jouko Haapanen

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> >  >     Pre 80's 5000?  Was that sold in North America?   I was guessing
it was
> >>  the 4000 because of...
> >
> >it is a 1980-83 5000 turbo.  the 5 lug wheels give it away, also the 5k
> >(type 43), once you know what to look for, is subtly different than the
> >early 4k in trim, etc.
> I could barely -tell- it was an Audi.  You saw 5 lugs? :-)

There are better stills of the process, I am going by an old B&W one I

also, rear headrests.  4k's have ones integral with the back seat, 5k's
have separate "see through" ones like on the front seats.

also, ever try to stand up through a 4k sunroof?  The early 5k had a
*huge* sunroof, easy to pull this trick off.  I guess.

Huw Powell

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