Part II, The Tow: grrr...type 44 volt jolt

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I'm fairly sure what happend is your battery died.  When that light is on in
your Autocheck, the car is running from the battery instead of from the
alternator.  A type 44 needs to have over 10v   or it won't be able to run
the ECU.  If its not that far to the shop, say a 1/2 hour or less, grab a
good charged battery from something else, toss it in the car and you should
be able to get to the mechanic yourself without the tow.

Hope it works out...


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Thanks all for advice!
So, as I drive car to mechanic, lights start blinking, radio makes weird
noises, car's bucking and jolting, full-on Close Encounters experience. Car
is dying, and is FORD (found on road, dead).

Ok, not good. Call AAA for flatbed tow. Normal tow shows up. Oops. Turns out
flatbed will take THREE HOURS. WHAT?! Can't use dolly cuz I just so happen
to be in a winding, dagerous canyon road. F word.  Cancel, deal with it
tomorrow morning (now).

Called again, still waiting for flatbed tow...I'm paying for something I
did, I'm scanning my memory banks of all my evil deeds.

And now, the mandatory question: would the close encounters moment of
everything electrical going nutsoid before it died be a result of alternator
or vr? Or is there any way to really tell?

thanks for the therapy...

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>Subject: RE: grrr...type 44 volt jolt
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>had that problem when the voltage reglator on mine crapped out.
>got one free from junkyard, problem solved.
>new they are about $30.
> >> After driving a while this morning, a light in the shape of a
> > battery beeped
> > "VOLT".  What the hell is that?!

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