4ksq (2.2L)/5kt power steering hose interchangeability

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Feb 5 16:23:47 EST 2002

No BTDT, but I just looked at a 5ktq and 4kq  (parked side by side).  Looks
like the 5's ps hose would be long enough to make up for the bends where
the 4k's hose attaches to the pump (hose ends are considerably different in
shape).  Banjo bolts on the pump "look" to be same size, but I didn't
measure anything.  I can't see the rack ends on either plainly, so can't
say for sure there.  If you HAVE a 5k's hose available, it might be worth
trying to fit onto the 4k.  If it's a matter of you have to pay much to get
a 5k hose, but it's still cheaper than ordering a new one for the 4k, I'd
only pay if I could take the 5k hose back for a refund if it didn't work.

At 06:43 AM 02/05/2002 -0800, Bob H. wrote:

>Sorry for the use of bandwidth, but my local Audi parts department is not
>at all helpful when it comes to answering questions that may not directly
>result in the sale of a part.
>Does anyone know whether or not a power steering pressure hose from a 5kt
>will work on my '85 4ksq 2.2L?
>Thanks in advance, I couldn't find this question or answer in the
>-Bob Hodgeman
>  '85 4ksq beater
>Bob Hodgeman
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