20v URQ info needed

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Tue Feb 5 17:34:07 EST 2002

The first 20v Ur-q's arrived in 1989.
MB was a very short production run.
1989 was the MB/RR changeover year.

If the car has a bump in the driver side floor for the dual catalytics it's
most likely the real thing.

Martin Pajak


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> Listers,
> One of my neighbours is seriously looking forward to buy a 1990 20v
> urq...we'd simply like to check approximately when it was built and if it
> is a true 20v from the factory.
> It has an RR engine in it but it's first registration date is december
> 1989...the VIN is WAUZZZ85ZLA000325 ...I'm not sure wether for the 1990
> model year the MB engine was still available or not and he'd like to be
> sure that the car didn't come with a MB from the factory (he's pretty
> paranoid but when it comes to spend 11500 Euros, it's pretty legitimate).
> What are the most particular points we should look at? It supposedly has
> 144.000 kms and we'd like to be sure the mileage is true. The
> owner doesn't
> have any records since he bought it because he does all maintenance
> himself...timing belt and water pump have been reportedly changed at
> 110.000 kms.
> Thanks a lot for your answers,
> Mihnea
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