4KQ Turbo Converters Attention Please: Performance and Result ?'s

Ricky H. radmethod at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 6 03:50:57 EST 2002

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Hey there you guys with the Turbo charged 4000 Quattros.  Ok, I may and hope I
speak for many others when I say this, but everyone has posted tons and tons
of questions and how-to's for turbo converting your 4000, this i know.  And
what I have to ask may have been over-looked for some long time.  Now, enough
with the tech questions, I have yet to hear from the people who have done this
(and drive these cars) about the difference in performance, torque, power band
change, lag, and reliability and driveability of these conversions.  I beleive
all would enjoy some feedback from the fortunate ones that have the turbo
converted cars.  ANYONE WITH ME??  What happend, how satisfied are you, any
dyno results, times lik 1/4 mile, 0-60?  who has more fun?  Give us the
GOLD!!! :-)  Thanks guys.

And for those who dont know or have not used, check you this 4000 forum I came
across, its SWEET!!!    http://forums.audiworld.com/4000/[1]    - check it
out, register and start giving some posts towards AUDI 4000 EXCELLENCE!

-Rick Heinlein
87 4kq
88 jetta gl

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  1. http://forums.audiworld.com/4000/
  2. http://go.msn.com/bql/hmtag3_etl_EN.asp

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