!@#$% "driving" highbeams - RE: 200 to 100 headlight conversion

BenediktRochow at oaktech.com BenediktRochow at oaktech.com
Wed Feb 6 11:13:52 EST 2002

>I installed 100 Eurolights with 85 W bulbs and properly relayed - great!
>night into day.

>Same type of 100 Eurolights with new lens but 55W unrelayed -  OK, but I'm
>hard pressed to tell the difference between them and stock 5000 TQ lights.

>I think some of this Eurolight greatness can actually be attributed to the
>relaying and the higher wattage bulbs.  I know I have better things to
>spend my hard earned $$ on.  Also the time required for proper
>is outrageous IMO(made my own harnesses and fused relay panel).

Disregarding other disadvantages of over-wattage DOT lights, you add
to the glare experienced by oncoming traffic. H4 lights allow for much
on the low beams before anybody notices anything.

>I've gotton the same results from a properly installed set of Bosch or
>Hella driving lights at far less cost.

I just recently realized that those lights sold as "driving lights"
(a mystery name to me for a long time) in the US are otherwise
(e.g. in the German-market Hella catalog) referred to as
"auxiliary high-beams" - IOW, you're driving around with E-code high beams
(which of course have none of the anti-glare cut-off the E-code low beams
but hey, they're just for "driving", right?
Which explains why
1. So many cars drive around with what looks like utterly blinding
2. When I flash at someone assaulting my eyes thusly, I get flashed back
and the
lights stay on, because the %^@&head knows he doesn't have his high beams
on, and those
driving lights couldn't possibly offend anybody, could they now?


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