Leaky Fuel Lines

S. Jaworski syljay at optonline.net
Wed Feb 6 12:44:57 EST 2002

Patient - 90 100Q
Illness - slow leak from a fuel line. Suspect corrosion inside the rubber
holding clips. BTDT on my 85 4k.

Family photo for model A10Q, 1990, MG 2, SG 01, Illustration 24-10     shows
item 3 and 4 for fuel lines. No part number available for item 3 and 4.

Called local dealer . .. part number for set of both lines is 443-201-544
AG. There is a VIN break in there also . . .will figure that out later. Cost
for both lines is $175.

1. Has anyone fabricated their own line? Cut the existing line, add fittings
and flare the line ends. Then insert off-the-shelf line in between.
2. Has anyone Fabricated the entire lines?
3. The fuel return line has little pressure in it. One end near the fuel
filter is already a rubber hose/clamp fitting. Replacing the steel tubing
with copper tubing and adding another rubber hose and double clamps at the
fuel tank end would seem sufficient. Anyone have some BTDT on that?
4. Do you know of any supplier with better pricing?
5. Are these lines special diameter?  Special connectors? Can shops that
fabricate brake lines make these type lines?

88 5kq
90 100q

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