!@#$% "driving" highbeams - RE: 200 to 100 headlight conversion

BenediktRochow at oaktech.com BenediktRochow at oaktech.com
Wed Feb 6 12:58:13 EST 2002

>> > >I've gotton the same results from a properly installed set of Bosch
>> > >Hella driving lights at far less cost.
>>Untrue! You have gotten similar light in front of you, at the great
>>of your fellow drivers, but who cares about that, as long as you can see!

>At the risk of belaboring the obvious - that's what a dimmer switch is
>for.  You don't just turn the driving lights on and _leave_ them on and
>don't use them in heavily populated areas or in dense traffic traveling in

>_either_ direction.  Use at least a _little_ judgement and pay attention
>what is happening around you.  Jeesh...

And that would leave me with just my useless low beams for 99% of my 85
commute - or the option to be an asshole, which is one many people chose.
That's why one needs H4 lights - to get useful unoffensive light on the
road all the time. Which is where my and Mr. Riebs' response to "driving
lights give me the same result" came from. Part of my point is also that
what you wrote above is something that many people need to be told.
(Cue "rear fog light lusers" thread)


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