7x15 ET38 on type 89 and NO #%*&-ing headlights

Dave Hord spokes at mail.the-wire.com
Wed Feb 6 14:07:13 EST 2002

>My questions:
>1. How does the lower plastic piece under the combination switch on the
>steering column come off?  Patient - 1988 90 Q

You will first need to remove the steering wheel.  Park the car with the wheel
straight, and pry the horn button off. To do this, take both hands and go to
the far right of the horn button..wedge your fingers in the crack...and pull,
till it snaps once. Go to the left side, repeat. Right side..repeat. Left side,
repeat.  The horn button will be off...note, sometimes the tabs that hold it on
break...I've been lucky over 20 times.

Second, remove the top half of the steering column cover. There are two screws
that come in from the bottom. Remove those, and lift the cover.

The lower half is a little bit of a trick...there's a third hole in the bottom
of it...sort of ovalized.  You need to pass a phillips screwdriver from the
right, upwards on about a 45 degree angle...you'll hit the screw-head, which
you loosen a few turns.  Use a flashlight and look up the hole first, to see
what it is you're trying to reach.  After you've loosened the screw the lower
cover AND The combination switch are wiggled off the front of the steering

Once you have the combination switch and lower cover dangling (you could
disconnect the wires...) it is pretty obvious how to separate the two...of
course, I've forgotten at this moment...

HTH somewhat,


89 90q  purrs like kitten...okay, a LOUD kitten.

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