Euro headlights????

james accordino ssgacc at
Wed Feb 6 16:44:57 EST 2002

Uhm... Sorry Mike.  I should have been more specific.
My bad.  I AM running Bosch dual lamp e-codes.  I
don't think 50 relays or 200 watts would make the DOT
junk lamps work like this.  The light is whiter,
brighter and you can walk on the cutoff.

Sorry for the confusion
Jim Accordino

--- "Michael L. Riebs" <michael at>
> > Thank you Roger.  I too am running stock watt
> bulbs
> > (55/60) with 4 Bosch relays.  I also struggled to
> see
> > "past the end of the hood" with my stock lamps.
> Your
> > descriptions are vivid and deadly accurate IMO.
> Those
> > who don't notice any difference must either have
> the
> > wiring wrong(I saw a thread about this a few
> times) or
> > they're not relayed or the aim is way off.  IMO,
> the
> > difference is just too remarkable not to be blown
> > away.
> >
> > Jim Accordino
> Uhm, Jim...
> The fact that you have the 4 Bosch relays doesn't
> give you "Euro
> headlights". I am sure you know this already.
> However, the difference that
> was referred to in the string below is between
> E-specs and DOT's. I have
> never actually experienced the DOT/relayed setup,
> but I can assure you that
> there is still a ways to go from there to the
> E-spec.

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