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Wed Feb 6 22:02:09 EST 2002

At 9:15 PM -0500 2/6/02, TM wrote:
>Scott, et al.:
>My two cents on snow tires- the Dunlop M2 Wintersport and the
>Hakka NRW are much better than Pirelli 210s for overall use-
>the M2s last longer than the 210s as do the NRWs and the M2s
>definitely do better than the 210s, at least in 205/55R16 on
>an A4tq.

For what it's worth, the winner at the timed trials here at the NEQ
was Mark R's  modified(300+hp) S4tt with NRWs on rather
non-winter-ish rims :-)

He also managed to do two full laps around the skidpad...sideways :-)

When Mark gets back from his trip, he can repeat the comments he made
to me and others about the various Nokian tires; he's a dealer, and I
believe he said he runs the q on both his parents' cars.  I -think-
the only reason he went with NRWs on his S4 was because he could get
them for the size rim he needed to run because of big brakes, same
reason as you Taka, right?

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