Can I use et37 offset wheels on a 1987 Coupe GT?

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Wed Feb 6 23:29:58 EST 2002

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<< Well, I've decided that I really like those 90Q 5 spoke S4 style wheels.
But someone pointed out that they have a et37 offset, and the stock Coupe GT
wheels have a et45 offset. The stock alloys for the CGT are 14" and these are
15". So, will they work properly? Rubbing? Will they look goofy? How will the
offset change affect the looks of the wheels on the car? Tucked in deeper,
stick out more than stock?

 TIA, >>

I've got a set of these on my CSQ, and a set for sale.  They work just fine,
although the tire that you have to use is not the tire specified either for
the car originally or the wheel originally - best to use 205-50-15's.  They
stick out more than stock, and I think they look great.  I've got a picture
of teh set on my CSQ, if you're interested.


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