Pearl Fuch Refinishing

Michael Pshenishny pshenm at
Thu Feb 7 14:18:34 EST 2002

I'm trying to figure out how to go about refinishing a set of pearl
fuchs.  I found this article for the Fuchs on Porsches.  Seems like it
may work.

This should work to get rid of the paint, but what about curb rash?  It
mentions sanding, anyone have any technique/material suggestions for
Anyway, from there it looks like the best bet would be to polish the
wheel, mask the lip and star, and paint the rest pearl followed by clear
coat over everything.  (Or just polish and clear coat, sans the pearl).
Recommendations for polish/sanding/painting etc. materials and
techniques greatly appreciated. (Wheels in general or fuchs in
particular all welcomed.)

Mike Pshenishny
'87 5ktq
pshenm at

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